Against a glowing green, gold, and blue starry sky, the ramp shines with lilac stripes and shadowy projections. Andromeda wheels downhill, hair flying; she pushes Venus backwards through the curve of the ramp. Venus rests her hands on Andromeda’s knees. Photo: MANCC / Chris Cameron
Kinetic Light

The Work







Working in the disciplines of art, technology, design, and dance, Kinetic Light creates, performs, and teaches at the nexus of access, disability, dance, and race. Disability is not the deficit of diagnosis. In our work, intersectional disability is an aesthetic, a culture, and an essential element of our artistry. Access is a central part of the art and our creative process.

Through rigorous investment in the histories, cultures, and artistic work of disabled people and people of color, Kinetic Light promotes disability as a creative force enabling new understandings of the moving world.

The Artists

Meet the Team

Kinetic Light is a disability arts ensemble: We are led by disabled artists; disabled artists create, design, and perform the work; our work speaks to and emerges from disability aesthetics and disability culture; our work is connected to the rich traditions and exciting contemporary conversations of disabled artists in all artistic fields.

Founded in 2016 under the direction and artistic leadership of Alice Sheppard, Kinetic Light is an ensemble of four disabled artists: Sheppard, Laurel Lawson, Michael Maag, and Jerron Herman. A talented team of administration and production professionals work behind the scenes and a roster of additional artists join us to contribute on a project basis.

Join our movement

We invite you to join our conversation and support our work in whatever way calls to you. If you want to offer financial support, we thank you for helping to bring our collective artistic vision closer to reality: Contact us about supporting our work today.