Accessibility in the performing arts is not just about a wheelchair ramp to a building.

At Kinetic Light, we focus on equity in every part of an artistic experience, starting with the moment you decide to see a show. We strive for accessible communication in our newsletters and social media platforms, and we work with venues to make sure the process of buying a ticket is accessible. We partner with presenters to think through equitable pricing, and local disabled people to figure out the best accessible ways to get to our show.

Once you arrive at the theater, we strive to host you as if you were visiting our home. We work with our venues to make sure there are enough seats for everyone to sit with their beloveds and friends.

We treat accessibility as an aesthetic of the work and an integral part of the creative process. If you stop by one of our rehearsals, you may well find us discussing choreography in relationship to access for nonvisual, low sensory, or Deaf audiences. Access is not a retroactive accommodation. We want you to experience the art, not a description of it.

Kinetic Light has gathered together an amazing team of disabled artists and culture-makers, describers, ASL interpreters, and disability aesthetic experts who work with us to build our tactile experiences, Audimance content, place our subwoofers or support us with subpacs.

Access at this scale is not a checklist of things to do; it is a way of building relationships with you, our audience, our community. Access is a process. We recognize that we will never get it “right,” because access is not a product or a checklist. We do access as a conversation, a growing together. If something is not working for you, please let us know and we will continue the conversation.

Access online

Our online relationship with you is as important as our in-person experience. We make all of our materials accessible in artistic and functional ways.

On our website and in our social media, you will find creative image descriptions that demonstrate that description can also be artistic content. We have chosen to make these descriptions intentional parts of the design rather than only using alt-text that is visible only to screen readers.

Ask for feedback Lead by example

Kinetic Light believes in transparency, dialogue, and in influencing by example. Please contact us with any questions, feedback, or stories related to your experience of access on this website, at our events, or at our performances.