On a wooden ramp with a curved 45 degree incline, Laurel Lawson wheels uphill to come nose-to-nose with Alice Sheppard. Kneeling, Alice grabs Laurel’s frame and stops her. Photo: Jacob’s Pillow/Hayim Heron
Under Momentum

Under Momentum celebrates the joys of being continuously in motion, the allure of speed, and the beautiful futility of resisting gravity. Performed on and around a series of curvaceous wedged ramps, this showcase suite of solos and duets ranges through graceful explorations of balance, stillness and falls as Kinetic Light’s disabled dancers release into the forces of acceleration, gravity and torque.

The portable ramp platform kit was designed by Sara Hendren as part of her slope :: intercept project.

Under Momentum was first performed as a solo for Alice Sheppard at the 2016 MediaCity Seoul Biennale. It premiered in duet form in 2018 and has been performed in its duet form at Atlanta Beltline (GA), Forward Motion Festival (FL), Hobart & William Smith Colleges (NY), Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival (MA), Lincoln Center (NY), SUNY Oswego (NY), University of Rochester (NY), the Whitney Museum of American Art (excerpt, NY), and beyond.

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Kinetic Light believes in equitable, artistic access.  We have crafted this performance around the commitment to access in the design of the show, as well as the experience of gathering an audience.  If you have any needs, questions or desires, find an usher.  To get in touch after the performance, email info@kineticlight.org.

This performance includes audio description through Kinetic Light's Audimance app, ASL interpretation, haptic soundtrack interpretation according to venue capacity, tactile exhibit, sensory kits, and expanded accessible seating. If you need to leave the theater at any point in the performance, please do so. Quiet spaces are available throughout the performance.  You are welcome to reenter whenever you are ready.

Under Momentum Content Guide and Sensory Notes


  • Conceived & Directed: Alice Sheppard
  • Performance & Choreography: Laurel Lawson & Alice Sheppard
  • Lighting Design: Michael Maag
  • Costume Design: Laurel Lawson
  • Ramp Design: Sara Hendren
  • Audio Description: Mo Pickering-Symes & The Rationale Method, Alice Sheppard, Dylan Keefe, Eli Clare
  • Audimance Design & Under Momentum Audimance Environment: Laurel Lawson
  • Music: “Warner Conflict”: Mike Wall, Darren Morze, Joel Brown, David Schulman “Veins of Silver”: Blue Dot Sessions, ed. Laurel Lawson. “Prelude,” “Isola,” “Oulipo,” “Ethereal Tree,” “This Is Not A Duet,” and “Dead Reckoning” from Visual Music: Joan Jeanrenaud. With performers PC Muñoz and William Winant. Deconet Records 2016. With the kind permission of the composer. “Abandon,” by Joan Jeanrenaud.
  • Haptic Experience Design: Laurel Lawson with thanks to David Bobier & Jim Ruxton of VibraFusion Labs